There is more to preparing taxes than keying data. Our tax services help you pay only what you owe. No more. No less.

Tax Preparation

Federal, state and local income taxes can significantly impact your personal finances, education, investments, retirement and much more. At Mildrid Esua, CPA, PLLC,  we combine professionalism with technologically advanced tools and methodologies, and we leverage our experience to reduce your compliance burden while maximizing your tax savings.

Tax Planning Services

In today’s economy saving on taxes requires a tactical approach and a range of strategies that position you for changing tax provisions. Effective planning entails conducting an in-depth review of your current strategy, understanding tax laws, staying current on developments, determining if and how you are affected, and creating strategies that minimize taxes whenever possible.

International Tax Services

Does your story take you beyond the US boarders? Do you take care of loved ones who live outside of the U.S.? Or maybe your work and investments reach beyond U.S. borders, if so, our tax professionals have the resources, experience and competencies to address your cross-border needs we provide you with a complete and multidisciplinary perspective to any tax challenge.

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