Accounting for Government Contractors

Government contractors often have to deal with compliance and the complications of a regulated environment. At Mildrid Esua CPA & Advisor, we understand your challenges and have the technical know-how and expertise to help you get the most out of your contracting opportunities using the FAR,DFAR and DCCAA compliance requirements as a tool for growth in your company.

Auditing, Audit Preparation and Support

Benefit from our proactive, integrated and timely audit approach which leverages cutting-edge technology, ingenuity and expertise with a holistic end-to-end automation across the entire audit process to address the problems facing your company, meet your audit deadline and stay compliant. Get the help you need for your periodic adjusting entries, reconciliations and period end journal entries to help reduce your delays in completing your audit and put you ahead of the audit curve. Get the professional and technical expertise you need to speed up your audit without jeopardizing the accuracy of the process with our Audit Preparation & Support services.

Tax Preparation

At Mildrid Esua CPA & Advisor, we understand that tax consequences affect your bottom line and personal financial decisions, as such, our comprehensive tax services are designed to help you minimize risk and maximize all the tax savings opportunities you cannot afford to miss! We stay updated on the changes in tax laws that affect you and customize our services to meet your unique needs.


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